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Organized by the Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA), two regional workshops were held during October and November 2020, on performance assessment and merit-based employment. Representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Northern Macedonia and Serbia shared their experiences in these areas.

The workshops looked into ways the performance in work is determined; novelties brought by digitalization; employment on the basis of predetermined criteria-competencies; strengthening the knowledge and skills of members of evaluation commissions and alike. Serbia was represented by the Human Resources Management Service of the Government and its representatives presented the changes in the law, as well as the first experiences in the application of new ways of assessing performance of civil servants.

According to Jan H.M. Sahling, a ReSPA consultant, Serbia has made large progress in reforms in the field of performance assessment and employment. It is therefore an example of good practice that other countries in the region can use to improve human resource management in their public administrations.

Support for the improvement of human resources management in public administration is provided by the German-Serbian Development Cooperation Project „Support to Public Administration Reform in the Process of the EU accession“, implemented by GIZ.

Source: Србија – пример добре праксе запошљавања и вредновања радне успешности државних службеника (

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