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The 360° Feedback platform is a new tool for supporting personal and professional development, now available to civil servants in Serbia.

This software solution helps assess behavioural competencies – these are skills such as information management, learning and change orientation, or traits such as conscientiousness, commitment and integrity. Thanks to new technologies all these skills can now be observed from different angles – from the angle of executives, colleagues of equal rank, junior staff, associates, but also from one’s personal angle. Based on the assessment data, the Civil Servants Career Management Centre helps candidates gain a better insight into how their behaviour is perceived in their immediate business environment. The insights gained, in combination with coaching, are designed to support the further professional development of civil servants.

360° feedback is available for everyone to use and is especially important for managers when planning their annual goals and the development goals of their staff. More information on this instrument can be found in the Manual for participants in the 360° Feedback process.

The development of the 360° feedback platform was supported by the German-Serbian Development Cooperation project “Support to the Public Administration Reform in Serbia“, implemented by GIZ.

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