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To improve human resources management in public administration bodies, the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government (MDULS) has developed an action plan for strengthening the capacity of human resources (HR) units in public administration bodies of the Republic of Serbia.

The first goal of the action plan is to improve coordination between HR units and the HR Management Service, the National Academy for Public Administration, MDULS and the General Secretariat. To achieve this goal, an HR network was formed, and its first meeting was held on 3 March 2021 with the participation of ministries, special organizations and government services. At this meeting, the draft amendments to the Decree on Internal and Public Competition for Filling Vacancies in State Bodies were presented, so that participants could exchange views before starting the official procedure for obtaining opinions.

The next steps have also been agreed, such as the establishment of an electronic platform as technical support for the network’s operation, and thematic workshops on exchanging practical experience and establishing an archive of important documents. All these steps will contribute to better communication between institutions, more efficient work and uniform treatment in applying regulations and implementing procedures.

Establishment of the HR network is supported by the German-Serbian Development Cooperation project “Support to Public Administration Reform in the Process of the EU Accession”, implemented by GIZ.


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