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The Inclusion Initiative is a project of the German Development Cooperation implemented by GIZ in partnership with Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities. The Initiative supports inclusion of vulnerable groups from seven towns and municipalities in labour market focusing on returnees according to the Readmission Agreement.


Municipality of Bečej, PU ‘Potisje-Bečej’, Center for Social Work and NGO ‘Đina’ set an example of proper team work making joint efforts to employ Roma men and women in the field of primary waste collection.


‘Nice, clean and useful’ is the name of the project run by municipalities of Kučevo and Golubac in cooperation with the Association of Roma of Braničevo District and public utility company ‘Kučevo’. By combining the goals of sustainable development and inclusive employment, twenty-four Roma men and women are employed in waste selection and recycling.


The Municipality of Mladenovac implemented a project that trained Roma and other vulnerable groups for home care services. Cooperating with non-governmental organisations named ‘Caritas Šabac’ and ‘OKO’, thirty participants attended trainings for caretakers of older people, whereas fourteen of them started working in this field.


Tailoring and briquetting trainings were in focus of the project in Požarevac implemented with the support of the Association of Roma of Braničevo District and Social Enterprise Association ‘PO-Start’.


Employment and professional training of women from rural areas is the common goal of the Municipalities of Sokobanja and Knjaževac supported by the Regional Development Agency, the NGO ‘Rural-Hub’ and the National Employment Service. In the scope of this project one hundred forty-five beneficiaries were trained and equipment for the work of fifty-two women is donated.

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