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Centres for social work in ten towns and municipalities now have new websites that will facilitate communication with users of social services. In addition to facilitating communication, the new websites also provide an overview of current events, frequently asked questions about social assistance and a description of social welfare entitlements and services. A special new feature of the websites is improved accessibility for the visually impaired.

„Our modern website design enables citizens to get the information they need, and also to submit claims for various social welfare entitlements and services, while at the same time reducing the risk of spreading the epidemic. I would especially like to emphasize that the support granted to our Centre will benefit the most people with disabilities and other vulnerable social groups most affected by the consequences of the epidemic in this time of social crisis,“ stated Danijela Selenić, Acting Director of the Centre for social work in Šabac. In addition to Šabac, new websites have been developed for centres for social work in Kosjerić, Šid, Plandište, Krupanj, Pećinci, Prijepolje, Loznica, Sremska Mitrovica, Ljig, Lajkovac and Mionica.

„I am especially grateful to the staff of the social welfare centres for continuing our cooperation on the development of websites without any interruptions despite the challenges we are all facing from the global pandemic. As a result, there are 10 new websites, which we believe, will be a meeting point for providers and users of social services,“ said Iva Vučićević from GIZ.

The support to the centres for social work was provided under the German-Serbian Development Cooperation project Social Services for Vulnerable Groups, implemented by GIZ.

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