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On June 5th, we have marked the World Environment Day under the slogan “Time for Nature” to raise awareness on the value of nature and call for actions for its protection.

In the past year, we have witnessed the youth raising concerns for the environment, demanding prompt actions of governments to secure healthy future for the coming generations. We have also witnessed the consequences to our health, by severe air and water pollution across the world and, of course, the recent pandemic.

The urgency for protecting the environment, the source of all crucial human needs, has become the centre of attention, now more than ever. Envisaged solutions prove to be financially demanding and complex, requiring new approaches. It is evident that everyone is directly affected and all are asked to participate: governments, businesses and people.

As Europe is determined to set an example and lead the way with its new Green Deal, strategies are being developed, actions proposed and funds made available to tackle these challenges.  Everyone is to be involved, in all sectors, at all levels.

Western Balkans is joining the process. Biodiversity Task Force of South East Europe, technical and advisory body gathering experts from government, academia and civil society, is providing input for currently developed Green Agenda for the Western Balkans.

We invite you too, to stand strong for the protection of the environment, within your domain and opportunities. Get informed and get involved.


More information:

  • World Environment Day, this year officially hosted by Colombia in partnership with Germany
  • The new EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030 „Bringing nature back into our lives“ offers solutions not only for nature conservation, but also for air and water quality, agriculture, economic recovery, education and more
  • The European Green Deal covers all sectors of the economy, including clean technologies, industry, transport, energy, buildings’ construction and global environmental standards

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